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General Information

Middlebury College Seal– Location:  Middlebury, Vermont

– Established:  1800

– Students:  2,500

– Annual Tuition, Room, & Board (Comprehensive):  $53,400

– Academic Calendar:  4-1-4

– School Website: www.middlebury.edu

– Admissions:  www.middlebury.edu/admissions/





School Overview

Established in 1800 in Vermont’s pristine Champlain Valley, Middlebury College boasts credentials as one of the oldest private liberal academic institutions in the United States. There is absolutely no danger of engaging in hyperbole when stating that Middlebury College– one of the Northeast’s vaunted and exclusive “Little Ivies” — is one of the best colleges to be found, combining an absolutely stunning campus setting marked by numerous historical landmarks with rigorous, fresh, and innovative academic techniques that elevate the school into the upper echelon of institutions of higher learning. As expected, the school has accumulated its fair share of accolades from highly respected publications like Forbes where it achieved an impressive overall ranking of 23 for the best colleges and universities in 2010 and U.S. News & World Report which ranked Middlebury as the 5th best college in the United States.

Middlebury College is small, rural, and highly exclusive; it is known as one of the most selective schools in the nation when it comes to admissions difficulty and the competitiveness of those students looking to gain entry. The difficulty of the curriculum is tempered by the small, tight-knit courses offered at Middlebury in which the professor on hand can provide the type of interactivity and one-on-one assistance that students need to truly learn and flourish, academically. Middlebury College really makes for a one of a kind experience, offering the types of opportunities to study abroad and enjoy a variety of activities that would be impossible to access at other universities and colleges.



The campus at Middlebury is situated in the lush, picturesque Champlain Valley, tucked squarely between the Green Mountains of Vermont and New York’s Adirondack Mountains. Rural, quaint, and absolutely gorgeous, the campus and its general surroundings are a true sight to behold. The school just oozes natural beauty which is only enhanced by the myriad of landmarks and other notes of interest that are steeped in centuries of American history dotting the campus landscape.

Modern art and on-site art installations like Patrick Dougherty’s So Inclined integrate seamlessly into the surroundings populated by historical structures and new, high-tech facilities like the McCardell Bicentennial Hall which houses the school’s multidisciplinary science facility. Middlebury contains a veritable treasure trove of architectural eye-candy like the Old Chapel (constructed in 1836) and Starr Library (a Beaux-Arts structure dating back to 1900 that was designed by the venerable architectural firm York and Sawyer).

Twelve miles away from the main campus one can find Middlebury’s vaunted graduate school, the Bread Loaf School of English. The beautifully rustic setting is also home to the cabin of one of Middlebury’s most prominent lecturers, Robert Frost. The Mountain Campus and the Bread Loaf Inn also play host to the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference and Rikert Ski Touring Center. Middlebury College’s rural setting is not only incredibly beautiful, but it is also the perfect environment to become totally immersed in one’s academic endeavors (which is vital to survival at Middlebury College).


Curriculum and Majors

Academically speaking, Middlebury College is known to house some of the most rigorous programs in the nation in literature, international studies, economics, and environmental studies. The numerous accolades that have been bestowed upon Middlebury are certainly deserved (The National Collegiate Scouting Association has ranked Middlebury as the third best school in the nation), and the school proves to be incredibly challenging yet immensely exciting at the same time. There is a sense of adventure that is embedded into the curriculum itself, which is further enhanced by the quality of faculty on-hand. Seemingly every professor on campus has experienced extraordinary events in their lives which they then impart to their students first hand in small,tight-knit classes where student participation and discussion is bountiful (and expected). Students can further enhance their academic experience with the extensive amount of opportunities to study abroad and experience academic and life pursuits that would be inaccessible at other institutions of higher learning.




There are forty-four majors offered at Middlebury including:

  • Arabic
  • Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Chinese
  • Education Studies
  • English & American Literature
  • Environmental Studies
  • Geology
  • International Politics & Economics
  • Molecular Biology
  • Music
  • Neuroscience
  • Portuguese
  • Psychology

The Bread Loaf School of English– Middlebury’s prestigious graduate school in English and Literature– is spread over five to six summer sessions which take place at a variety of campuses including Middlebury’s Mountain Campus in Vermont, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Oxford (England).

Middlebury College is also host to the intensive Summer Language School which features majors in ten languages including and which is also accessible at Mills College (Middlebury’s satellite campus located in Oakland, California) as well as the Monterey Institute of International Studies– an off-campus graduate school located in Monterey, California which is home to degrees in international business, international relations, language translation, and more.


Admission, Tuition, and Scholarships

Middlebury College is known as one of the most selective colleges in the United States and with a 17% acceptance rate for incoming applicants, gaining entry can prove to be a difficult task (but one that will prove to be invaluable to the student). The entirety of the student’s academic career is examined along with standardized test scores and the breadth of the student’s extracurricular activities. The deadline for student applications is January 1st.

Middlebury College is residential so tuition is comprehensive and includes room and board, textbooks, and other student resources. The annual cost to attend Middlebury is roughly $53,400. The College has implemented a “need-blind” admission policy for students in which the student’s financial status does not play into the admissions process. As such, Middlebury offers a multitude of programs, grants and aid that will buffer the tuition cost– for those who qualify Middlebury will offer a substantial amount of financial aid, with the average hovering around $33,000 annually for those who receive aid.



Apply for admission @ Middlebury College

Middlebury College

131 South Main Street

Middlebury, VT 05753

Telephone: (802) 443-5000



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