Mount Saint Mary’s College

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General Information


– Location:  Los Angeles, California

– Established:  1925

– Students:   2,700

– Annual Tuition:  $30,600

– Room & Board:  $8,900 and up

– Academic Calendar:  Semester

– School Website:

– Admissions:




School Overview

  Established in 1925 by the  Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and located in Los Angeles, California across two distinct campuses,  Mount St. Mary’s College is a privately run independent academic institution of Roman Catholic origins.  The school itself is primarily composed of female students (estimates reach roughly 90% of the total student populous), although the various graduate programs on campus are filled with a higher distribution of male students in comparison to the undergraduate base. The undergraduate focus is on building a strong foundation in the liberal arts, with the core being a firm understanding of the ethical and social responsibilities that are present in each particular area of study.

Community– as consistent with the Roman Catholic nature of the university– is emphasized heavily, with the application of ethics and social values playing an integral role locally as well as globally. The graduate programs at MSMC are highly renowned, with the school achieving impressive top 20 rankings amongst grad schools across the nation in publications as well regarded as U.S. News & World Report for the academic quality of their master’s programs in Business Administration, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Religious Studies, and Psychology to name but a few.





Mount St. Mary’s College is comprised of the original Chalon Campus which is situated in the rolling hills of Brentwood and the Doheny Campus which is located in downtown Los Angeles.  Both locations are incredibly beautiful, and the extensive usage of each as filming locations for various films and television programs lends credence to that belief. The expansive vistas, lush landscaping, and classic, Spanish Colonial-style architecture of the surrounding buildings and Memorial Chapel are particular highlights of the Chalon Campus.  Various classrooms provide panoramic views that stretch out across the beaches  of Santa Monica to the Pacific Ocean (there are of course handy campus shuttles that provide the ability to reach both of those destinations in a quick and tidy fashion).  Chalon Campus functions as the hub for the majority of the school’s bachelor’s degree studies. The serenity provided by the surroundings proves to be the perfect environment for studying, reading, and meditating.

Doheny Campus– which was birthed in 1962–  is marked by the undoubtedly gorgeous Doheny Mansion, a historical landmark which was constructed in 1899.  Situated in the historic West Adams District in downtown Los Angeles, the park-like Doheny Campus is equally as lush, beautiful, and peaceful as Chalon.  Doheny Campus is home to the graduate level programs for students of Mount St. Mary’s as well as the specialized Weekend College, which is tailored to provide a manageable outlet for working adults and professionals to pursue their bachelor’s degree outside of their demanding daily schedules. As if the stunning campus surroundings aren’t enough, Doheny is situated literally minutes from major city destinations like Staples Center and Disney Music Hall.


Curriculum and Majors

Academic performance is of paramount importance at Mount St. Mary’s.  The faculty is extremely attentive and will work in conjunction with students to assist them in reaching their highest goals while facilitating their development in their chosen field (or fields) of study.  As such, the classroom environment is lively, with an active approach taken by faculty to encourage students to deepen and expand their academic horizons by participating in the learning process.  The quality of the staff and the accompanying academic philosophy at Mount St. Mary’s eases the stress and tension that naturally comes along with attending a university (especially for incoming freshman).  The first-hand application of classroom knowledge is one of the guiding principles at MSMC and serves as the basis for all campus curriculum.

There are over 30 majors available at Mount St. Mary’s. The Undergraduate Bachelor’s Program include:

-Biochemistry                  -Business Administration

-Chemistry                       -Child Development

-Gerontology                   -Health Care

-Mathematics                   -Music

-Nursing                           -Philosophy

-Political Science             -Psychology

-Religious Studies           -Sociology

As stated previously, the graduate studies programs are among the very best in the nation and have received the national recognition deserving of such a status (including in Forbes).  The studies are rigorous and demanding, but the program layout is designed to accommodate working professionals and individuals, with classes designated for evenings and weekend sessions.  Mount St. Mary’s is known in particular for its graduate offerings in the following fields:

-Business                    -Education

-Psychology               -Religious Studies

-Humanities                -Nursing

Mount St. Mary’s also offers a doctorate program in Physical Therapy.





Admission, Tuition, and Scholarships

At Mount St. Mary’s College each and every undergraduate major is available to women; men who are interested in attending are limited to only the Music and Nursing degree programs. All bachelor’s degree programs (Arts, Music, and Science) are offered on the Chalon campus, with the master’s degree program reserved for the Doheny campus. The deadline to apply for Fall is February 15th.

Undergraduate Student Tuition:     $30,600 per year (12-18 units)

Graduate Student Tuition:     $750 per unit

Weekend College Tuition:     $610 per unit

Room & Board:     $8,900 – $12,200 per year

The Admission Committee at Mount St. Mary’s will award merit-based scholarships to students including:

The President’s Award-  Incoming first year students who are able to maintain a GPA between 3.45 and 4.00 and score between 1200-1400 on the SAT are eligible to receive between $14,000 to $15,000 per school year.

Carondelet Award- Incoming students who maintain a GPA between 3.2 and 3.7 and score between 1000-1100 combined on the SAT are eligble to qualify for this particular award which grants roughly $13,000 per school year.

Provost Award- Eligibility is given to students who are able to hold a GPA between 2.8 and 3.5 and who score between 900-1000 combined on the SAT.

Mount Award- This award is specifically for full-time students who are in financial need and is funded by Mount St. Mary’s College and some very generous donors of the school.







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