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– Location:  Santa Clara, California

– Established:  1851

– Students:   8,800

– Annual Tuition:  $37,300

– Room & Board:  $11,700 and up

– Academic Calendar:  Quarter

– School Website:

– Admissions:



School Overview

Initially established in 1851 by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits of Roman Catholic origin) and constructed around the stunningly beautiful Mission Santa Clara de Asís, Santa Clara University currently holds the honor of California’s oldest operating academic institution of higher learning. In addition to that particular honor, Santa Clara University is also known for the lushness of its campus setting and overall climate courtesy of the university’s proximity to the San Francisco Bay. Academically, SCU holds an impressive and daunting list of accolades and recognition by such luminaries in the field of higher education as Forbes, The Princeton Review, and U.S. News & World Report which ranked the university 2nd for collegiate rankings master’s universities in the West.

As with any top tier university, the breadth and difficulty of the academic workload is high, but that difficulty is eased by the depth of knowledge and helpfulness expressed by the highly-qualified faculty on campus as well as the tight-knit and supportive peer community. At Santa Clara University there is a definite focus on integrating spiritual and ethical themes (like social justice for example) into the everyday as a way to center or balance the curriculum and maintain the Jesuit basis of the institution. The various academic programs at SCU are split into six distinct colleges, including the highly esteemed School of Law and Leavey School of Business.








Located on El Camino Real– the 600 mile stretch of coastal highway that connects California’s famed 21 missions and is commonly known as the California Mission Trail– Santa Clara University is home to one of the most pristine and gorgeous campus settings in all of the continental United States. Known as the “Jesuit University in Silicon Valley,” the expansive campus houses five of the six schools on site, with the Berkeley-based Santa Clara University Jesuit School of Theology being the sole exception. The campus landscape is populated by an abundance of lush vegetation, towering palm trees, 200 year old Wysteria vines and is washed over with a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors from the innumerable plant varieties on site. Flowing fountains and painstakingly manicured gardens provide perfectly serene settings for studying or just absorbing the beauty of the campus surroundings.

Landmarks at Santa Clara University are numerous to say the least, with large scale monuments like the Observatory and the previously mentioned Mission Santa Clara de Asís standing out in particular. Other highlights on campus include an enormous, roughly 195,000 square foot state of the art university library, the recently renovated Leavey Center (primarily used for basketball), the Adobe Inn, and the Kennedy Mall, which is the school’s first sustainable “green” building featuring environmentally conscious construction (utilizing solar energy and re-usable building materials for example).


Curriculum and Majors

Santa Clara University is known to house rigorous, academically demanding curriculum that is tempered by the high-level of one on one attention given to students by professors. The majority of classes on campus are small and all are taught exclusively by the professors themselves, not handed over to teaching assistants to carry out the given curriculum. This results in the creation of a dynamic and engaging learning environment, one in which the student can not only actively participate on a greater level but also be given the type of individual attention needed to further nurture and develop them academically.

The vaunted undergraduate and graduate programs at SCU are divided across six schools and colleges:

-College of Arts & Sciences

-Leavey School of Business

-Education, Counseling Psychology & Pastoral Ministries (ECPPM)

-School of Engineering

-School of Law

-Jesuit School of Theology

The School of Engineering, School of Law, and Leavey School of Business have all gained multitudes of national recognition, and all are ranked amongst the upper echelon in their respective fields of study. Business Week ranked the business program at Santa Clara University amongst the top twenty in the United States, while the School of Law has attained top ten status in the United States in numerous publications, including a top three ranking for its Intellectual Property Law program in U.S. News & World Report.

Santa Clara University has over forty-five distinct and diverse majors available. A small sampling of said majors include:

  • Accounting
  • Art History
  • Bioengineering
  • Classical Studies
  • Economics
  • Environmental Science
  • Finance
  • Management and Information Systems
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Psychology



Admission, Tuition, and Scholarships

At Santa Clara University new applicants will have a thorough examination conducted on the entirety of their high school and/or college (if applicable) careers. GPA is of course vital, but other important factors include the difficulty level of courses taken, standardized testing scores, and extracurricular activities. Eligible applicants have until the 7th of January to submit their applications.

Undergraduate Student Tuition: $39,000 per year (12+ units)

Graduate Student Tuition: $500 – $850 per unit

Room & Board: $11,700 per year

The Admission Committee at Santa Clara University will award merit-based scholarships to eligible students including:

The Presidential at Entry Scholarship- Awarded by the university president, this award covers the full cost of tuition and is awarded to freshman students who demonstrate exceptional qualities, academically and otherwise.

Provost Scholarship- This is awarded to new students that have proven themselves to be community and/or school leaders as well as maintaining academic excellence. This will pay for half of the cost of tuition.

SCU Dean’s Scholarship- For eligible students entering the College of Arts & Sciences, Business or Engineering, this award will provide varying amounts of scholarship money per the dean’s request.



Apply for admission @ Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University

500 El Camino Real

Santa Clara, CA 95053

Telephone: (408) 554-4000


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